What's connecting this week.

Not that I ever do this.

Sometimes self-employed cocktails can start earlier than back when you had to wait for the 5'oclock bell.  And many events that allow you to network, learn and meet new people happen over happy hour.  Can you be productive after a glass of wine?  With all the caveats so well stated in this Muse article (if you can't stop at one or control yourself with the "send' button, disregard), I'm glad to know someone's thinking about it.

For the love of #STL.

I love networking.  I love entrepreneurship.  I love community and connecting.  But I really love what these things do for my adoptive home of St. Louis.  So when I saw this NYT piece about where young people are moving, and saw our city ranked 11th in growth over the past twelve years, I did a little happy dance.

We are all made for freedom.

One of my favorite entrepreneurs will be featured on the new PBS show "Startup TV" this Saturday.  Tune in for an amazing story of passion, fashion and doing good.