What's connecting this week.

While you're huddled inside, away from the cold and snow, here are a few good reads.

Two little words.

The Muse strikes again with an excellent piece on how to punch up those boring networking questions.  Instead of "How's business?", try "What are you most focused on right now?"  And start with "Tell me" because, well, people will want to tell you!

What does Lent have to do with entrepreneurship?

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for a way to make this a little better, do that a little more efficiently.  (Yes, it is exhausting)  You might not think that the season of Lent has much to do with entrepreneurship, but read on from Inc.

More than passion.

Leave it to James Altucher to put such a beautiful point on the discussion around how you need more than just passion.  Focusing more on your inner actions (this one's tough, people), your outer actions and (just) saving the world will teach you that money, sex, french toast and passion are just byproducts.