You may be working too hard if...

Blah, blah, blah, we all work too hard.  Does any of this sound familiar?

  1. Granola bars from the bottom of our purse have become a meal staple.

  2. It’s no big to reheat yesterdays’ coffee... or was that from the day before?

  3. You keep forgetting your best friend is pregnant and are amazed all over again when you do see her.

  4. You may as well make a copy your personal to do list because you just move it from week to week.

  5. You keep watering the garden plants in their store containers because you just don’t have time to get them in the ground.

  6. A few un-mailed holiday gifts became Valentine’s Day gifts and are now Spring gifts.

  7. Doing HITTS at the gym is the only time your brain turns off, so you kind of look forward to it.

  8. You can’t even talk about laundry.

  9. You schedule complimentary office hours on a National Holiday (pssst… new schedule here).

So, in honor of a three day weekend, let's work less, get outside more, spend time with family and friends (its ok to sneak on some laundry). Happy Friday!