What's connecting this week.

It was a busy week in the world of networking, with tips and tricks coming at me from every corner.  I shouldn't be surprised to find a thread of good storytelling connecting the various places, people and events I find myself at each week, but it never fails.  Here's just a sample:

On Saturday

I was with a group of aspiring young entrepreneurs (thanks to Girls Dreaming Big and #ProsperNext for this great event!).  When asked what they thought networking was, they answered:

  • An opportunity to get to know someone.
  • A chance to ask questions.
  • A way to get information that you need.

On Tuesday

I spoke with a group of nonprofit leaders about how to build a clear message for their organization.  How will they use the pitch they built during our session?

  • To raise awareness.
  • To recruit volunteers.
  • To find the resources they need.
  • To gain financial support.

On Thursday

I attended a Prosper Women Entrepreneurs event on how to use your networks to support your goals (full disclosure, I work there and I love it!).  Some takeaways about what successful business owners do?

  • Ask for help.
  • Build resources of support around them before they need it.
  • Know they don't have all the answers.
  • Have the confidence to TRY.

(thanks to Prosper founder Jennifer Ehlen for these tips!)

See... good storytelling is everywhere!