Friendliest networking in town.

You gotta love a networking event that's advertised with a hug! (photo courtesy Maria Frank)

“In my work, I have the privilege of sitting down with all different kinds of people— entrepreneurs growing their businesses, students planning their careers, transplants to the area looking to connect. The Venture Café Gathering is always one of my top recommendations.

“This is a space where diverse people and perspectives come together: educators, artists, builders, innovators, learners. I love it because I get to wear all my hats on Thursday nights—I’ll find women entrepreneurs looking for resources, opportunities for good storytelling, and there’s always something new to learn.

“Just a few weeks ago at Venture Café, two colleagues and I started building a workshop series to encourage young women to be confident in their paths after high school.  That kind of thing happens there all the time!

Tip: “Don’t be nervous. It’s a crowd, but it’s a welcoming crowd! Find a program you’re interested in and go for that, then stick around and chat. Find someone with a high number on their nametag (they’ve been there a lot) and ask them what they like about Venture Café. And, if you’re one of those groupies with a high number on your nametag, go find a newbie! Ask them what brought them to Venture Café and help them find their way.”

- Aimee Dunne, Navigating Networks


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